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Who Are We?

HUPALUPA stands out as Turkey's most renowned and expansive indoor entertainment hub for families, boasting a distinguished segment named HUPALUPA EXPO. This brand extension is lauded for its multifaceted entertainment offerings that orchestrate events with a profound international reach. It has been instrumental in introducing a slew of celebrated exhibitions and premier stage performances to the Turkish audience, earning it global acclaim and consistent coverage in prominent media outlets.

Over the past few years, HUPALUPA EXPO has been pivotal in importing landmark exhibitions to Turkey, such as Animal Balloon World, the NASA Space Adventure Exhibition, and The NBA Exhibition, cementing its international reputation.

BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside-Out

The globally renowned Body Worlds exhibition, with a record of hosting over 50 million visitors in over 34 countries and 140 cities across six continents, stands as one of the most enduring exhibitions to date.

Overseen by Dr. Angelina Whalley, the exhibition is a riveting showcase featuring the anatomical structures of over 100 authentic animal specimens ranging from the majestic elephant to the towering giraffe and from the domesticated goat to the aquatic eel to the tentacled octopus and the flighty ostrich. It offers a meticulous artistic depiction of their inner anatomy, musculature, skeletal frameworks, and vascular systems. The exhibition benefits from the scientific and medical expertise of Istanbul University–Cerrahpaşa, blending science and art in an immersive experience that debuted in December at Metropol Istanbul in Ataşehir.


ANIMAL BALLOON WORLD is a testament to the collaborative spirit and creative prowess of 34 individuals, including premier balloon artists from the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, and Austria, along with 14 dedicated volunteer students from Turkey. Over a span of seven days, this assembly of talent and dedication culminated in the inaugural introduction of this exhibition to Turkey under the auspices of the HUPALUPA EXPO.

This exhibit was marked by an impressively large dinosaur sculpture, distinguished by its intricate design and grand scale, which earned HUPALUPA EXPO a coveted spot in the Guinness World Records.


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The NASA SPACE ADVENTURE, after captivating over 4 million enthusiasts across 12 countries in four years, was triumphantly introduced to Turkish audiences under the auspices of the HUPALUPA EXPO at the Metropol Istanbul. Visitors were enthralled by including an actual fragment of the moon, accessible for an up-close encounter, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the 200,000 attendees.

Before its inauguration, the exhibition was the centerpiece of a compelling guerrilla marketing strategy that seized the city's intrigue. This innovative 'Cosmonaut Urban Campaign' garnered widespread acclaim and was celebrated with the 'BEST VIRAL PROJECT' prize at the distinguished BRANDVERSE AWARDS, orchestrated in partnership with MARKETING TURKEY and BOOMSONAR.




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METROPOL ISTANBUL in TURKEY proudly hosted 'THE NBA EXHIBITION,' showcasing the revered sports league with over 2 billion followers worldwide.

This exhibition transformed METROPOL ISTANBUL into a vibrant NBA universe with 20 diverse stations offering NBA-centric activities and immersive interactions. Visitors were invited to dive into the exciting basketball world through advanced augmented and virtual reality features, engaging basketball activities, and photo opportunities with the coveted championship trophy amidst other contemporary and interactive offerings.




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